Choir Mission Statement

"Providing quality choral experiences and educational opportunities to the community since 1968"

Merry Christmas and take a listen to the "Joy to the World" video at end of this email - it is one of my personal favorites.


I hope you will be joining us in early February for our first rehearsal for our Spring Concert.


Our Spring season will begin on Monday, February 5, 2024.  New singers are invited to join us on Monday nights, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

55th Spring Concert Program - Sounds of America


On a different note - please read:

If you are like me, you love to sing and "make music"!  Thats what singing in the choir is all about - we are a great group that likes working together. .

But we have lost so many members on the choir board that it can no longer function.  Very hard to schedule events, pay bills, print programs and keep the choir running.


President - Vacant for the last season.  (directs meetings and represents the Choir.)

Secretary -  Vacant -  Our previous secretary just retired. (Keeps meeting notes)

Treasurer - Vacant - Spring will be her last season.  (Pay the bills and keeps track of $$)


That only leaves:

Vice President - Publications - Dr. Larry Holen -

Vice President - Promotion - Sarah Gardiner -

Trustee - Maxine Kilbourne -

Trustee - Paul Cote -

Trustee - Bill Schnute -


We are a Non-Profit organization and you have to have a Choir Board to make decisions.

If There are not enough people on the board to run the choir - the choir will have to dissolve.


This is copied directly from our last board meeting on 12-4-23:

" d. Board briefly discussed steps to dissolve LCCC nonprofit corporation, but no action taken."


Please take this notification seriously.

The Choir Board usually meets once a month, usually before rehearsal.

The President directs meetings and organization.

The Secrecarty records our discusions and prints a report.

The Treasurer writes checks and keeps a balance sheet.


None of these positions are extremely difficult and you would have the full support of the rest of the board members for you to get going.  We are a great group and work together - we all have different skills, ideas and opinions.

We know many in our choir are older and retiring, we are losing a few people due to age.


But if no one steps up for these positions, Our Spring Season will be our last one.

(I dont want our "Nice Run for 55 Years" to end)


Please click her to contact myself (Bill) or any board member for information and to let us know that the spring season will not be our last.


(Even if you have a family member with organization skills - bring him/her to choir and join our board. ?? 2 people pairing up to become one board member?? These positions are not really hard, just takes a litle more effort.)



Below is a video of one of  this years favorites:

"Joy to the World"

Members - Please keep this music coming


(Note on the video below - Trinity United Methodist Church has been video recording our concerts for the last 2 years.  These have become a valuable asset for the website for promotional use and getting people in the seats.  Many Choirs are not able to video record their concerts - we need to thank them whenever we can)

Spring 2023
O Love - Elaine Hagenberg

Praise to the Lord
Heritage String Quartet

Spring 2023 - You Know Better Than I
from Joseph King of Dreams - Ray'mond Fields