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One big question we have had is how to get to Eddies weekly posts on the Forum.   You must be a "Registered Member" to receive them in your email.  It is very easy to register, just go to the website and on the right sidebar, below our two major sponsors, click on the link.  It may take a few hours before your registration becomes active.  You can enter any info you want - it is very interesting to see what our members are doing besides singing.  You can look at the members list here....       We have 57 members registered right now, although some of them cannot sing this season.


If you have any difficulty registering or need a new password, just email me at and I will fix it.


When you get a forum notification email, you can just click on the link provided in the email and it will go right to the post (You do not even need to login to view the post - only if you want to post on the forum yourself)  Here is a link if you want to view posts:


We have started recording the rehearsals again, you can listen to them here:


There is also another copy of our Choir Handbook on our members page near the bottom of our "Choir Members Home Page"  that you can download:


I thank you for your effort with our advertiser program - just in case you need some more advertising sheets, go to our forum and click on the 3 links. They will be downloaded to your computer ready to print.



Advantages of being a New Member - This is a good page with lots of useful information


Remember, this is your Choir website.  Anytime you see something that needs fixing, you want changed, or you want to be involved in working on it please let me know.  We use a Joomla format and you do not need to know code.

Bill Schnute   -

Spring 2023
O Love - Elaine Hagenberg

Praise to the Lord
Heritage String Quartet

Spring 2023 - You Know Better Than I
from Joseph King of Dreams - Ray'mond Fields