Choir Mission Statement

"Providing quality choral experiences and educational opportunities to the community since 1968"

Due to Covid 19 we are not performing this year.  We have decided to provide you with some monthly selections from previous concerts, to keep your hearts in synch with the Choir. 


Click on the Image below to hear our November, 2020 Virtual Mini Concert


Nov mini concert 2020


 Our October Concert is below - Click on the image.

 Oct 2020




  If you missed our Previous selections - they are below.









The Lapeer County Concert Choir's song selections for the month of August feature the music of Aaron Copland taken from his collection Old American Songs.  These American songs remind us of a time when life was simpler and less complicated.  Joy was found in singing songs about events from everyday life and events.


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If you missed our July selections - they are below.


As we approach the Fourth of July we have much to celebrate as a country.  More than any other nation we have been blessed with "peace and prosperity" made possible by the sacrifice of many.  Our songs for July remind us of the American spirit that makes our country great.

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If you missed our June selections - they are below.

The Lapeer County Concert Choir's June selections draw from the rich choral tradition of the African-Amercian spiritual.  These songs brought forth during extreme hardships contain a message of hope and encouragement.

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 Just as our lives were interrupted with the health concerns of COVID-19 during the early spring many community choirs like the Lapeer County Concert Choirs spring season were brought to a surprisingly abrupt ending.  Many of us found the abrupt changes to our lives quite unsettling; however, in the days that followed musicians and choirs began to find creative ways to keep the music coming. 


Already faced with the reality that our fall season has been cancelled the Lapeer County Concert Choir is committed to keep the music coming.


Before the stay home policy took affect the Lapeer County Concert Choir began planning for next years concert season selecting music for the theme “Reflections.”  The title for our 2021 spring concert season was chosen to communicate the message “Reflections:  Lasting Impressions of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.”   During the next several months we will be posting links on our Website and Facebook page that will take you to musical selections performed by the choir.  As we keep the music coming, it is our goal to share with you hope, peace, joy, and love during these trying times.


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Spring 2023
O Love - Elaine Hagenberg

Praise to the Lord
Heritage String Quartet

Spring 2023 - You Know Better Than I
from Joseph King of Dreams - Ray'mond Fields