Choir Mission Statement

"Providing quality choral experiences and educational opportunities to the community since 1968"


          A Season to Celebrate!  Those four words describe the 50th season of music making by the Lapeer County Concert Choir.  Since the choir’s early beginnings in 1967 it has been an exciting musical journey made up of outstanding music directors, amazing singers, and an unending wealth of wonderful concerts.


I hope you enjoyed our recent Christmas concerts, A Season to Celebrate the Mystery and Wonder of Messiah’s Birth, as much as I did.  This was a wonderful way to celebrate the start of the choir’s 50th season. 


I am honored you were there to celebrate this musical landmark with the choir.  If you were not able to attend our Christmas concerts you can still be a part of the celebration.  I want to invite each of you to join us in celebrating our 50th season by visiting our website to experience the images and sounds of the Lapeer County Concert Choir leading up to this season.


Dr. Eddie Howell





The above image is our original conductor, Jerry Pakkala, introducing our present conductor, Dr. Eddie Howell.  The choir members are joined by past members as we finish our concert with the "Hallelujah Chorus".




Our Directors for the last 50 years



We want you to feel like you are part of the choir - you just happen to be in the seats on the audience side.  Please visit our new "Special Editon page of our 50th Anniversary Concert"

From our website you can view:


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One Final Note - Our image gallery is a work in progress - If you have any images of the choir, please send them to us and we will add them to the collection and please forward this to your friends.


Thank you for supporting the Lapeer County Concert Choir and have a very Blessed Christmas.


Spring 2023
O Love - Elaine Hagenberg

Praise to the Lord
Heritage String Quartet

Spring 2023 - You Know Better Than I
from Joseph King of Dreams - Ray'mond Fields