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"Providing quality choral experiences and educational opportunities to the community since 1968"

* New Director Search *


February, 2016 - Just like the weather in Michigan, things just keep changing.  At a recent Choir Board meeting our Director, Garth Starr submitted his resignation and told us that this would be his last season. We have been very fortunate to have Garth for many years. He told us that he could no longer balance his time between Church, work, his family and the Choir.

Now it is the time to move forward and start looking for a new director.


This page is where we will post information about the position.  Please check back frequently and forward this page link to anyone who would be interested in this position.

The Choir has two seasons, Spring and Winter.  We perform 2 concerts in May and 2 in December each year.


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Title: Director

Job purpose: Provides overall artistic leadership and direction to the choir. Provides a positive and enriching musical experience for the chorus members at rehearsals and performances.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  1. Directs all choral rehearsals, retreats, and performances.
  2. Selects the repertoire for all performances.
  3. Makes final decision for concert venues.
  4. Auditions and selects Accompanist.
  5. Selects soloists and guest instrumentalists as needed for performances.
  6. Supplies an appropriate substitute in the event he or she is absent from rehearsal
  7. Provides program information for performance selections and program notes as needed.


  1. Is a voting member of the board
  2. Works with other musical and artistic organizations in collaborative efforts.
  3. Serves as a key official spokesperson for the choir in conjunction with the Vice-President of Publicity.
  4. Works with the Treasurer to uphold the financial budget.
  5. Orders all music for the choir.
  6. Trains, rehearses and directs the Choir including vocal/physical warm ups, learning music and preparing for public performances.
  7. Works with accompanist to prepare music.

Manages any instrumentalists hired for performances and rehearsals


 You can click here to contact us or submit a resume.

Spring 2023
O Love - Elaine Hagenberg

Praise to the Lord
Heritage String Quartet

Spring 2023 - You Know Better Than I
from Joseph King of Dreams - Ray'mond Fields