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The board members have some input, but it is mostly set up by the director.

We are blessed by the supreme quality of our tenors.

We send out a message to all past and future member to join us.  We start in February and September each year.  All that is required is a desire to sing.  Most of our members can read music, but even if you cannot we can fit you in.

Where we sing must fit the concert material.  We take into consideration if we need an organ, piano, instrumentalists, risers and much more.  The whole Choir Board discuss it and figure something out.  Most of the Board Members have been in the Choir a long time and have a lot of experience.  Everyone is welcome to come to our monthly board meetings which are usually 1 hour before our choir rehearsal and the dates are listed on the right side of the website after you log in.

The Director an the accompanist receive a small seasonal salary

No. An audition is not required but if you haven't sung in a while please check in with the director for vocal placement.

Currently the choir uses the sanctuary in the Trinity United Methodist Church locatedat 1310N. Main Street (M-24) in Lapeer,

Two hours, from7pm– 9pm.

We ask for a $20 Membership Fee for each season. There are two seasons Winter and Spring.

We would love to have all singers all the time, but no, you do not HAVE to do both. Many of our members only sing for one concert or the other.