First dress rehearsal, Monday, April 24

11 months 3 weeks ago #350 by Dr. Eddie Howell
Just a reminder that our 1st dress rehearsal is this Monday night at Trinity Methodist Church. This will be a choir only rehearsal using the risers.. We will spend about the first twenty-five minutes warming up and starting several of our songs. The plan is to sing through our program in concert order.

Next week for our 2nd dress rehearsal, Monday, May 1, we will be at the Imlay City Christian Reformed Church. We will have the Heritage String Quartet rehearsing with us and they will also be playing through quartet selections listed in the concert program. Ray'mond Fields our guest vocalist will also be there briefly to rehearse Ain't That Good News with the choir and run through his solo with Nancy. He is in rehearsals directing an upcoming production of Sponge Bob the Musical with the Flint Community Players.

Just a reminder about our remaining pre-rehearsal sectionals.
April 24 - Soprano and Alto
May 1 - Tenor and [url=[0]=AZXm0GhybjMijziZJpx3A9jpDfbvGl2bPtg3NRN6fAttlMCZ_OAl6RufVvXvnf24R7Woh5gkFHMKOS9deV9jm6vdcmEg00iLhQQRAA2BR7HKxv4cqJoJWrcjpEQhFIOOA-WNYJ6HUdFXKg4UGxRXCUfsX06-HNrUmswEa8yR0AzeHA&__tn__=kK-R]Bass[/url]

I am looking forward to you sharing our spring concert program with our families, friends, neighbors, and the Lapeer community.


[url=[0]=AZXm0GhybjMijziZJpx3A9jpDfbvGl2bPtg3NRN6fAttlMCZ_OAl6RufVvXvnf24R7Woh5gkFHMKOS9deV9jm6vdcmEg00iLhQQRAA2BR7HKxv4cqJoJWrcjpEQhFIOOA-WNYJ6HUdFXKg4UGxRXCUfsX06-HNrUmswEa8yR0AzeHA&__tn__=H-R] [/url]
[url=[0]=AZXm0GhybjMijziZJpx3A9jpDfbvGl2bPtg3NRN6fAttlMCZ_OAl6RufVvXvnf24R7Woh5gkFHMKOS9deV9jm6vdcmEg00iLhQQRAA2BR7HKxv4cqJoJWrcjpEQhFIOOA-WNYJ6HUdFXKg4UGxRXCUfsX06-HNrUmswEa8yR0AzeHA&__tn__=H-R]Spring Concert Program 2023 - Poems, Prayers, and Promises.docx[/url]


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