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The board members have some input, but it is mostly set up by the director.

Where we sing must fit the concert material.  We take into consideration if we need an organ, piano, instrumentalists, risers and much more.  The whole Choir Board discuss it and figure something out.  Most of the Board Members have been in the Choir a long time and have a lot of experience.  Everyone is welcome to come to our monthly board meetings which are usually 1 hour before our choir rehearsal and the dates are listed on the right side of the website after you log in.

The Director an the accompanist receive a small seasonal salary

LCCC prides itself on having a well rounded repertoire ranging from classical works, sacred, secular, popular, musicals, gospel, various languages and with a variety of instrumental accompaniments.

LCCC performs four regular shows a year and usually also participates in one or two other community events in addition to those. So anywhere from four to six shows over the course of the year.

Typically we perform in churches around Lapeer County and the surrounding areas, on occasion we rent high school auditoriums or halls.

Your Profile Image or Contact Info can easily be changed.  After logging in, go to the "Choir Members Portal' and on the menu on the right side click on "My User Profile".

This is where you can change your password, Image, contact information and anything you want to add or change to the profile you created when you first signed up.  Click on the "edit" button at the top left to "Update your Profile".

We are blessed by the supreme quality of our tenors.

We send out a message to all past and future member to join us.  We start in February and September each year.  All that is required is a desire to sing.  Most of our members can read music, but even if you cannot we can fit you in.

No. An audition is not required but if you haven't sung in a while please check in with the director for vocal placement.

Currently the choir uses the sanctuary in the Trinity United Methodist Church locatedat 1310N. Main Street (M-24) in Lapeer,

Two hours, from7pm– 9pm.

We ask for a $20 Membership Fee for each season. There are two seasons Winter and Spring.

We would love to have all singers all the time, but no, you do not HAVE to do both. Many of our members only sing for one concert or the other.

Although it is most helpful and the majority of members do read music, we have however had singers who have been a successful part of the group without reading music. So this would be a personal call according to your experience and comfort level.

This is dependent on the concert program but usually there are a few solos on each concert which are determined by audition or invitation of the director.

No, all music is turned in after performances and is held in the LCCC library for future use or returned to the institution from which it was borrowed.

All singer 18 and up are welcome.

Anyone who wants in to the choir members side of the website.  The Members area has access to the Forum with information about rehearsals and events, board meeting reports, you can contact members through email and pages that our Concert viewers would not normally be interested in.

The Members area is not limited to those who sing.  Anyone who is interested can create a login, spouses or members, people interested in joining in the future, etc.

  • First find any "Login" link, in "Choir Members Portal" dropdown, the menu at the very bottom, or on the top of the right column.
  • Click on the bottom of the login area where it says "Signup"
  • Fill out all the information.  There is a lot of "optional" fields about you interests.  This is just so all the Choir Members can get to now each other better.
  • Click "Sign up" at the bottom.  You show get the message below.

    You may now log in. 

    (If you do not see this message you may have not yet completed the form)

The first time you login you may be taken to your "My Users Profile" or the "Choir Members Welcome Page."

  • My Users Profile is all of the information you entered when you login.  You can change or add anything but using the "edit" link above your image.
  • The Choir Members Welcome (Home)  Page is a good starting point for viewing members pages.  It shows Latest Forum Posts, Board Meeting Reports and a special menu on the right side shows access to most of what you want.

Just click of the "Forgot Login?" linkin any login area.

The site will send your username or login to your email address that you used to originally sign up.  After signing back in again, you may want to change your password to something else.  Just go to "My User Profile" and edit your password in the "Contact Info" area.


Please contact our technical support "The WebGuy" for any issue at all regarding loging in, posting or any website problem at all.

Your login password can easily be changed.  After logging in, go to the "Choir Members Portal' and on the menu on the right side click on "My User Profile".

This is where you can change your password, contact information and anything you want to add or change to the profile you created when you first signed up.  Click on the "edit" button at the top left to "Update your Profile".

  • To contact any registered member, go to the Members Profile List, find and select the member you wish to contact.
  • Click on "Messages" and then "Send Email to user" link to contact them.
  • If the person is a board member, you can also go to "Contact Us" on the main menu.

Please contact our technical support "The WebGuy" for any issue at all regarding loging in, posting or any website problem at all.

Hello Choir members.  By now we are well into our Christmas Season for 2015 and hope that you will be using the New Website this year. This is the first season that it is up and running and (most) of the bugs have been worked out.
We still had a few problems over the summer. One fine gentleman decided to make 30 - 50 fraudulent signups over a few months. We installed some spam software and it seemed to make him dissappear, however it was recently brought to my attention that some members were getting an error when trying to log in. Our new spam module decided that some of our members were spam. Well we disabled the software and if you had a problem, just try again. If you still have a problem, just send us an email...
If you have logged in before and cannot do so now - just change your password by going to any login area and click "forgot password" and it will send you a new one and you can change it after you login. (change pw details....)
Our website is very different than other sites that just post information. Our site is interactive with the members. The members can send emails to other members, Garth can make information posts and you will get them in you normal email - and you can get on the forum and send a message or question back to Garth.
Here are some of the things of interest in the site:
Many of you have already registered on the site, and know that it is quite easy. If you ever have any problems, just click on this link to send a message to the "Web Guy" (our tech support person). We don't know if there is a problem unless you tell us.
Before you register, you may find it interesting to click here an see what the members profile list looks like. You can add names to faces you see at choir - and you may find others with comon interests. Our members have experience in many things we have never thought about.
One of our goals with this letter is to urge everyone who has not registered to do so (this means you Danny!)


Quick Links for the Lapeer County Concert Choir Website:


If you have anything you would like to see on the site, a comment or want to send some pictures in just click here to drop us a line.....

Anyone can view any post on the forum, but only members can create a post.

The forums purpose is to allow communication between the members.  A lot of information from the Director will be passed through it.   Any post that is created will be sent to all the members.

The forum has many sections.

  • Posts from the Director
  • Posts from the Choir Board
  • Members Corner
  • Technical questions - How to do anything on this site!

 These sections will most likely change during the seasons.



1 - Go to the Forum area - The link is in the drop down menu in the "Choir Members Portal", in the sidebar on many pages and also in the Member Page.

2 - Make sure you are logged in.  If you are, your image will be in the right sidebar.

3 - There are 4 areas you can post in, Director, Choir Board, Members and Tech Support.  Pick whichever suits you post and click on it and go to that section.  You can do nothing wrong - Remember, it is your site!

4 - Click on "New Topic" or you can respond and add to any topic by clicking on it and adding a reply on the bottom.

5 - Enter the subject of your post in the "Subject" area and add the text to your post in the area directly below.  Sometimes people like to create their post in "MS Word" and then paste it into the message area.  Do not try to format the post too much in "Word" since some of it may be lost after pasting.  MS Word does not always play well with internet programs - it is really just the text you need.

You can use the formatting bar to make the message nicer looking.

Click "Submit" to complete your post.  It will be sent to all registered members.

6 - If you want to make a change to your post after you have sent it - just click on the "Action" button next to the "Quick Reply" below your post.  You will see and "Edit" in the drop down menu and you can make changes.  It will not be sent again - but you changes will be seen if someone visits the forum on the site.

7 - You can also add images and text files using the "Attachments" button.