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2 years 8 months ago #81 by The Web Guy
Hello All....

If you have been trying to view rehearsal recordings or images recently - there have been a few issues. Thanks to some of the Tech People in the Joomla Extension System - all is working now.

++ The last rehearsal has been recorded (thanks to Max & Pam) and posted on the site. Rehearsal Recordings

++ The National Anthem in Flint Video is posted in our Music Archive. Music Archive

++ There are new images of our Chatfield Retreat in our Image Archive. Image Archive

++ Also some images from the National Anthem in Flint are posted here. Image Archive

++ If you want Eddie's playlist of our concert anthems - click here... Playlist

Remember - A good place to start on the site is always the "Choir Members Portal Link" and if you have any images or audio that would be of interest to the choir - just contact us. Contact Choir Web Support Here!

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